Read the Manual

You have just got your brand new electronic device / gadget / toy, did you read the manual?

I try to stop and read the manual for every new toy I get but sometimes the novelty is just too much to pass up. So, here I am making sure my contact details are updated in my iPod Touch, especially addresses and I find that if you tap on the address (and you have a wi-fi connection) the iPod Touch will open the Maps app with a pin dropped on the location. Very nice as I see it; and, a great way to pin your important places such as home, family, friends, etc. Just tap on the blue arrow to get to the details of the pin; scroll down and tap on the “Add to Bookmarks” button; edit the label to something else if you prefer.

I did not start writing this post with reviewing the contacts / maps connection, I actually wanted to mention the generic point of a great deal of “new” mobile electronic devices having one glaring piece of information not written anywhere obvious. That would be the answer to a very simple question: how long do I need to charge this thing the first time I plug it in?!!

Why would I make this important. Simple really, I just bought a new replacement cell phone because my old cell phone battery was about done. After charging the new cell phone until the typical filling battery stopped it’s animation I believed the phone was fully charged; there is nothing in the manual to read differently. The phone is a new toy, and had no details added yet, so there is a certain amount of play that I had to have. Long story short, after adding numbers, making a couple of calls sending a few texts, plus several pictures one bar of the three bar battery was used up. This morning the phone was off due to low battery!!

I am hoping it was just a “quick” charge and not another dud battery issue. So, I will be going without a cell phone today while I let it charge for likely the next 24 hours.


They’re Gone

Well, not really.  The group blog has just moved to another address at

I have done most of the writing here at Their They’re There and would like to do more but I would like to write more entries of personal note.  I will continue to write for Design by JellyBeen but most of those entries will be made under the group name dbjb at the new blog.

Here, I will be writing more personal interest related entries.  Things that may or may not be related to any previous project or ideas or other writings, and will most likely seem like just random ramblings … I do that … a lot!

Quite honestly I felt a little penned in writing for the group, as I was/am currently the primary spokesperson for Design by JellyBeen.

Look for more musings and meanderings as I will be looking forward to writing them.

iPod Touch

It has been almost a week now and I have been having a great time enjoying my new iPod Touch 16 GB. This in my humble opinion is one of the greatest ideas to ever be realized. Of course, I am writing this draft on the iPod and finding it to be quote easy to tap out this entry.

While I type this I am also listening to one of my favorite albums, Eric Clampton’s Time Pieces, but that would be another review for another time.

The iPod Touch has been reviewed ad nauseum so I will not belabor the technical or aesthetics of this device, but I will say it is well worth the entertainment investment; and, with the right applications it can serve as a very competent business tool. In my particular case it is replacing a six (6!) year old Palm Tungsten E. I can only hope this iPod will last as long.

Just started playing another album …

Just to close, I wrote this with the free WordPress application available from the Apple app store, all this done offline to be synchronized and posted later once I connect to a Wi-Fi network.

I not sure I could ask for more from a handheld device that started as a simple music player.