Flock of Tweets

A Flock of Tweets, I have no idea what to call them to be quite honest. To me, a flock of tweets, is what you get when your tweet reader fills with too many tweets of no consequence or interest to oneself because you were being polite and reciprocatingly following another twitter user. Although many people use twitter based literally on their “What are you doing?” catch phrase, I think there is a great deal more potential to twitter being used a a real-time communication tool. David Pogue of the New York Times makes great examples of this in my humble opinion. Although I was thinking of a different story he wrote, here is a more recent article regarding twitter.

I would also say I am a little picky about whom I follow on a continual basis. I like to read tweets that interest me and my interests are varied and tend to change as time passes. If I stop following a person on twitter it is typically for no other reason than my interests have changed. But, and I must stress this, I will also stop following a person on twitter if they are the author of a Flock of Tweets, because for the most part to me they are just simply flooding the timeline and consuming space I would much rather see used for tweets of relevance.

To each his own and may you always find a tweet to reply to.



I was wandering about the Internet today catching up on various web sites and other interests when I came across a post in a forum by a gentleman describing himself as old. I find these posts interesting and refershing to some degree. The post itself is not too unheard of, nor were the replies recognizing that age is not always a chronological measure, but this thought came to mind:  

Age is relative, counting it is the key. Knowing I’m old means knowing I’m alive.

JellyBeen Their

Hello, jellybeen their!

To my unknown searcher I would like to extend a hearty, Hello!

I often find it interesting to see the various search terms and phrases that lead readers to my blog(s) and this one has always piqued my curiosity. I would be most interested in knowing why you chose this phrase?  Perhaps it is not a person, but a group.  I would be thrilled to hear from you (all of you). Next time you are here, I would appreciate you leaving me a comment, it would be so nice to meet you.

Have you ever seen a search term that struck you as odd?  How about leaving a comment with your oddest referral link to your URL.

Paid by Passion

Volunteer work can be rewarding and frustrating, and sometimes it can be both at the same time.

It can consume your every moment or simply be something you do in passing.

You might wonder is it all worth it? What am I doing working for free? Why is this important?

It suddenly occurred to me as I was driving down the road for lunch: it is worth it; I am not really working for free; I am being paid by passion for the work being done. In much the same way a person can simply have a passion for the truth, a volunteer’s passion for the goals before them is the payment they receive.

Attaining those goals is important. The journey is worth every step along the way.

Are you a volunteer? Comment on your paid by passion work.

Welcome 2009

So this is it, a new year and a new beginning. Although I do not make New Year’s resolutions I will say this: I have every intention for this year to be better than last year.

2008 was a good year. I became a grandfather. 2008 was a great year!

I’m looking forward to a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2009 and hopefully my family will get everything they deserve. Even more so, I hope what we deserve is what we want, too.

For all my readers, I hope and wish the best for you and your families, too.

What are your hopes and wishes for 2009? Leave a comment to share.

A Grandfather at 42

Yes, I am a grandfather at the ripe old age of 42. Now I really cannot complain about it. I’m young enough to be able to enjoy and look forward to being actively involved in my grandson’s life. All the events and activities. School. Sports. Hobbies.

I guess the answer to: Life, the Universe, and Everything really is 42. I don’t feel much smarter but I’m sure my world is much better off now.

A good friend asked if I was old enough to be married to a grandmother to which I replied two-fold: I’m not sure I’m old enough to be a grandfather; and, you do know you are being conscripted into being the great-grandfather. We both quietly thought about that as the boy ended up in my arms.

I’m still amazed at how the world around me disappears when I’m holding my grandson. It’s all good, it’s all right, and everything is as it should be.

Welcome, Kaden George Alexander Wilson!


Jack of all trades, master of none.

I’m good with this saying.  Actually, I have always liked it.  It’s simple and, as far as I am concerned, unpretentious. I’d even go so far as to put it on my business cards.

Maybe I will …

I have known this saying: jack of all trades, master of none; as long as I can remember. I also have noticed it is still not something people immediately connect with JOATMON; much like Robert Heinlein’s TANSTAAFL; you might recognize it from “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” where I first read it.  You may know it from a different reference.

All the same, there is something to be said for acronyms, especially those that enter into some sort of standard colloquialism. So, the next time you find yourself doing something completely away from your normal skill set, just look at it as training for your new job title of JOATMON; and, the next time you find something is too good to be true, just remember:

There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.