Public Pandemonium

Names are very personal and for some very public. Shakespeare still said it with the most simplest of phrases:

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

That quote can be applied to so many different ideas one being the spelling of a name. A person’s name; a group; or, a place.

The Beatles made it a point of their choice of spelling. Led Zeppelin played on the spelling of their name. Would their music or their creativity be any less if they followed conventional spellings. I actually think it would. Choosing a variation of a name’s spelling to gain an artistic impetus is every creative author’s right; and, with that I will reiterate: I AM JELLYBEEN! Taste the sweetness of artistic license.


Thoughts Provoked

I truly enjoy the “Tag Surfer” and the “Readomattic” functions found in the Dashboard.  It leads to some interesting posts, some of which I just read, others I will leave a comment.  Here is a comment I left just recently:

Eternal Life …

Although I have heard the phrase often I am not sure I understand the concept. If one is granted eternal life, are they “frozen” in time? Do they exist as an infant, a teen, a young adult, a mature person, and elder?  Or, are they born, grow as we understand aging in our simple terms, only to progress to sentient dust?

With eternal life there is no “old age” or “death” as those terms would be an emphatic oxymoron to the idea. Without a definition of “eternal life” how can one choose it?

Of course, this was from a discussion regarding some of the religious teachings of a well known group, and I am neither for nor against their tenets as I try to keep an open mind and believe people should be able to make choices of their own free will. 

What my reading did spur was the comment, and I guess my naivete in religious ideologies.  I can only hope to see a continued discussion of the ideas being brought forth as I do find them interesting and thought provoking.