PC or Mac

It’s not so much a question of which operating system or hardware I prefer; the actual monitor, keyboard, and mouse that I use for either are mostly interchangeable and therefore not of real consequence.

The question now is: what do I want to accomplish in this session?

As to surfing the ‘net, I like using Internet Explorer by Microsoft and it would seem almost sacriligious to put IE on a Mac.  I haven’t tried the new Safari version 4 (still in beta as of this writing) but that may change my surfing preferences … we’ll see.

Most of my design applications are PC based, so graphics are done on the PC. I’m still investigating text editors for the Mac, and will reconsider XHTML, CSS, and PHP coding once I find an editor I like for the Mac.

XCode development is obviously done on the Mac and quite honestly, as I’m still learning my way around an Apple branded computer, I am still finding the Apple SDK package to be quite easy to work with and much more intuitive than some PC packages I have used.

PC or Mac?  I can’t decide, can you?


Mac or PC

I guess I will be sitting down to my work area from now on asking myself that question: Mac or PC?

The reason why: I just purchased and finished setting up a Mac mini.  It’s a cute little machine, a great little starter Mac.  This is my first Mac and so far I am quite impressed with everything they fit into the box, especially as small as the box is. I plugged in a standard USB keyboard, and a standard USB mouse, along with an analog 17 inch flat panel monitor and turned it on.

After following the prompts I connected to the Internet and then started poking around changing a few settings and making sure the time was correct and the timezone matched my own.  Most of the workings are fairly intuitive which I somewhat expected given how well I have adapted to my iPod Touch.  I was a little surprised when I found the update application program, ran it, and found 675MB of updates required.  I’m writing this post on my main PC as the mini Mac (my wife’s choice of words, and I like them, too) is still working away at installing the seven updates it found. I was thrilled that it connected via Wi-Fi and that I have a fairly decent high-speed Internet connection.

If you have both a PC and a Mac, leave a comment on which you like to blog with … I’d like to know.

Chess with Friends

Review: Chess with Friends (an iPod app)

To me, this is one of the best iPod applications I have used so far.  I use it on my iPod Touch, and imagine there would be even more functionality available with an iPhone. If you like Chess, then this is truly a program to look into using.

Chess with Friends by Newtoy Inc. is essentially a modernized version of the old idea of “Chess by mail” (read: snail-mail, email, etc.) The benefit, and the near addictiveness, of this application is that it is always in your hand and only a tap or two away. For me, the pace of the games are near perfect, although I must admit, I will often check several times before my “random” opponent moves, but that adds to the excitement of the game.

Yes, I said excitement, but then again I feel like a Chess geek at times. Play it, you will enjoy yourself. Choose someone from your iPhone / iPod Touch contact list; or, choose a random opponent.

I’ve seen completely unexpected successes with the games I have played, the one downfall is there currently is no re-match feature. The developers do have plans for one, as they stated in a reply back (very quickly, I might add) to a feedback email I sent them. This application, and its developers, are something I will definitely follow.

For my past opponents: Darrell, Jay59, Umpuck, Vail67, Jamn, gekko, and Kratos69 – rematches are in order.

Have you tried Chess with Friends? What did you think? Comment with your comparisons.

Twit or Tweet

I’m not sure I understand this phenomenon known as Twitter. Sure, I have an account. Yes, I’ve made a few tweets, and I even have a few followers, but I am still mystified by its apparent popularity. I admit it is almost addictive.

I have visited the twitter.com web site and tried to follow the Everybody timeline just to realize there are many, too many people tweeting to try to follow anything I randomly pick.

I actually find it easier to follow the public timeline using twitterific from the iconfactory on my iPod Touch.  At least I feel I am keeping pace with the myriad of tweets being made. It may be a false sense of security that the small display is giving, but I actually prefer it to the main twitter web site.

Will I continue to follow along on twitter? Perhaps, it can be interesting trying to decipher some of the tweets and replies. I add tweets and replies myself from time to time, though admittedly not many, yet.

Do you tweet? or, do you feel like a twit?! Share a comment.

Read the Manual

You have just got your brand new electronic device / gadget / toy, did you read the manual?

I try to stop and read the manual for every new toy I get but sometimes the novelty is just too much to pass up. So, here I am making sure my contact details are updated in my iPod Touch, especially addresses and I find that if you tap on the address (and you have a wi-fi connection) the iPod Touch will open the Maps app with a pin dropped on the location. Very nice as I see it; and, a great way to pin your important places such as home, family, friends, etc. Just tap on the blue arrow to get to the details of the pin; scroll down and tap on the “Add to Bookmarks” button; edit the label to something else if you prefer.

I did not start writing this post with reviewing the contacts / maps connection, I actually wanted to mention the generic point of a great deal of “new” mobile electronic devices having one glaring piece of information not written anywhere obvious. That would be the answer to a very simple question: how long do I need to charge this thing the first time I plug it in?!!

Why would I make this important. Simple really, I just bought a new replacement cell phone because my old cell phone battery was about done. After charging the new cell phone until the typical filling battery stopped it’s animation I believed the phone was fully charged; there is nothing in the manual to read differently. The phone is a new toy, and had no details added yet, so there is a certain amount of play that I had to have. Long story short, after adding numbers, making a couple of calls sending a few texts, plus several pictures one bar of the three bar battery was used up. This morning the phone was off due to low battery!!

I am hoping it was just a “quick” charge and not another dud battery issue. So, I will be going without a cell phone today while I let it charge for likely the next 24 hours.

iPod Touch

It has been almost a week now and I have been having a great time enjoying my new iPod Touch 16 GB. This in my humble opinion is one of the greatest ideas to ever be realized. Of course, I am writing this draft on the iPod and finding it to be quote easy to tap out this entry.

While I type this I am also listening to one of my favorite albums, Eric Clampton’s Time Pieces, but that would be another review for another time.

The iPod Touch has been reviewed ad nauseum so I will not belabor the technical or aesthetics of this device, but I will say it is well worth the entertainment investment; and, with the right applications it can serve as a very competent business tool. In my particular case it is replacing a six (6!) year old Palm Tungsten E. I can only hope this iPod will last as long.

Just started playing another album …

Just to close, I wrote this with the free WordPress application available from the Apple app store, all this done offline to be synchronized and posted later once I connect to a Wi-Fi network.

I not sure I could ask for more from a handheld device that started as a simple music player.

WordPress and LinkedIn

A nice little application at LinkedIn by WordPress has been added that will show your recent posts.

It’s simple to use, and easy to set up, taking well under a minute after logging into your LinkedIn account.

The are few settings to address.  The first is your WordPress blog address, which will then draw the title into your LinkedIn application window header; the second, choosing all recent posts, or only posts tagged with “LinkedIn”.  Be careful here, read below for my experiences.

This seems like a great idea, but there also seems to be some issues.  When testing the show posts option (using this actual post), changing settings to show all or only the tagged posts appears to be ignored after the application has been initialized on the LinkedIn account. It appears if you want to change the show posts option you also have to change to another valid WordPress blog URL, then change back to your preferred WordPress blog URL.

I still think this is a nice little application at LinkedIn, but I am also thinking they might want to consider appending beta to it.