Read the Manual

You have just got your brand new electronic device / gadget / toy, did you read the manual?

I try to stop and read the manual for every new toy I get but sometimes the novelty is just too much to pass up. So, here I am making sure my contact details are updated in my iPod Touch, especially addresses and I find that if you tap on the address (and you have a wi-fi connection) the iPod Touch will open the Maps app with a pin dropped on the location. Very nice as I see it; and, a great way to pin your important places such as home, family, friends, etc. Just tap on the blue arrow to get to the details of the pin; scroll down and tap on the “Add to Bookmarks” button; edit the label to something else if you prefer.

I did not start writing this post with reviewing the contacts / maps connection, I actually wanted to mention the generic point of a great deal of “new” mobile electronic devices having one glaring piece of information not written anywhere obvious. That would be the answer to a very simple question: how long do I need to charge this thing the first time I plug it in?!!

Why would I make this important. Simple really, I just bought a new replacement cell phone because my old cell phone battery was about done. After charging the new cell phone until the typical filling battery stopped it’s animation I believed the phone was fully charged; there is nothing in the manual to read differently. The phone is a new toy, and had no details added yet, so there is a certain amount of play that I had to have. Long story short, after adding numbers, making a couple of calls sending a few texts, plus several pictures one bar of the three bar battery was used up. This morning the phone was off due to low battery!!

I am hoping it was just a “quick” charge and not another dud battery issue. So, I will be going without a cell phone today while I let it charge for likely the next 24 hours.