Desk Mess Mirrored 1.0.5

Desk Mess Mirrored has been updated to version 1.0.5 and is now live at!

This version adds additional functionality with an author page that allows for multiple contributors to have their own styled author page matching the existing user specific comment styles. Stop by own home site at and view the theme in action.


Desk Mess Mirrored Theme Approved

Our theme Desk Mess Mirrored has been approved for the public by

Here is a screenshot of the theme:
Desk Mess Mirrored Screenshot

It can be downloaded from here:


Long Time No See

Life has been quite busy with several projects either starting or continuing forward. I do not believe in multi-tasking, but I do believe it is very possible to address several projects at a time. Each one getting my complete focus when I am working on it.

A small business wanted some graphic design work; and, a custom short-run print job. Done.

A self-hosted WordPress installation needed a bit of help sorting out a couple of issues with a theme they have installed on their web site.  I shared some code and a few suggestions on what they could look at to address their needs. Their site is looking good with the implemented changes.

The iPhone development project is still progressing on schedule although it is consuming more time than previously expected.

The iPM project is taking shape, more information to follow.

Although this time it was nearly three weeks since I wrote, I expect to get back to my minimum weekly entries soon.

A Peace Offering

I find it odd how someone can believe they are suggesting a truce by first throwing in one last barb. To this I say:

When offering an olive branch do not pass a rose stem.

I am more than happy to work on my various projects, and to make recommendations for dbjb to carry on with these and other projects, but it truly becomes difficult to justify our volunteerism when we are faced with having to work with difficult additional contributors that have been chosen by someone else.

They’re Gone

Well, not really.  The group blog has just moved to another address at

I have done most of the writing here at Their They’re There and would like to do more but I would like to write more entries of personal note.  I will continue to write for Design by JellyBeen but most of those entries will be made under the group name dbjb at the new blog.

Here, I will be writing more personal interest related entries.  Things that may or may not be related to any previous project or ideas or other writings, and will most likely seem like just random ramblings … I do that … a lot!

Quite honestly I felt a little penned in writing for the group, as I was/am currently the primary spokesperson for Design by JellyBeen.

Look for more musings and meanderings as I will be looking forward to writing them.

Tutorials Project

We have recently come to the realization there are quite a number of people that have never heard of WordPress; and even more that do not know (intuitively) how to use it. It’s a little embarrassing on our part, but something easily fixed, at least we hope it will be for our WordPress MU installations.

Our immediate solution is to start writing basic WordPress tutorials; and, as a way to keep up-to-date and on track we will be publishing a public EverNote notebook called Tutorials here:

We will also be using this as a reference for part of our EverNote public notebook review.

RatChatter Blogs Opens

One of our projects, the RatChatter Blogs officially went live October 1, 2008.  This is a WordPress MU installation we volunteered to install and help maintain for the RatChatter community.

We will be maintaining a small, informational blog there ourselves to help with some basic WordPress functions as well as continuing with adapting single blog themes to function more correctly within a WordPress MU setting. Visit us there under the blog Design by JellyBeen.

We will be looking at developing new site specific themes for the RatChatter Blogs, as well as making additional modifications to existing themes to add some pet rat styling to them.