iPod Touch

It has been almost a week now and I have been having a great time enjoying my new iPod Touch 16 GB. This in my humble opinion is one of the greatest ideas to ever be realized. Of course, I am writing this draft on the iPod and finding it to be quote easy to tap out this entry.

While I type this I am also listening to one of my favorite albums, Eric Clampton’s Time Pieces, but that would be another review for another time.

The iPod Touch has been reviewed ad nauseum so I will not belabor the technical or aesthetics of this device, but I will say it is well worth the entertainment investment; and, with the right applications it can serve as a very competent business tool. In my particular case it is replacing a six (6!) year old Palm Tungsten E. I can only hope this iPod will last as long.

Just started playing another album …

Just to close, I wrote this with the free WordPress application available from the Apple app store, all this done offline to be synchronized and posted later once I connect to a Wi-Fi network.

I not sure I could ask for more from a handheld device that started as a simple music player.


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