Had I Known

I recently visited a forum logged in with my user account.  I was surprised, but not necessarily shocked at the reduced activity on the site.  What shocked me was when I logged in with my administrator account to see the almost 15 pages of newly registered accounts not activated.

For clarity’s sake, I was against turning on administrator approval only for new members on this forum, and as such I made it clear to the forum owner I would not be involved in the registration process in any form or fashion.  The owner had brought in another individual and granted that person full and complete administrator privileges and together they would handle the new member registrations.

The last new member was approved Jan 28, 2009! I scanned through the inactive member list and although a great deal of the newly registered account names were most likely spammers or other disruptive individuals, there were also several names that would fit well with the current member base of the forum.

To say I am disappointed would be an understatement.  Myself, and others that work under the JellyBeen banner, put a great deal of time and effort into re-establishing the owner as the primary administrator; as well as, upgrading the forum to the most current version of the forum software.  It truly is a shame to see the other administrator barely making a weekly appearance, and the owner showing up only slightly more often.

I agreed to make the owner the primary administrator and to upgrade the forum to the current version at the time. Beyond those two primary goals being accomplished, I also offered to help explain and coach in managing the forum.  These offers were politely refused, and I was given the impression the new administrator would be taking care of those matters.

In my opinion, this was not done.  The forum is no longer running the most current version (released over three months ago), and the members appear to be dwindling away.

My apologies to those that were involved, had I known this would be the end result of all the work that was put into this project I would not have accepted it in the first place.


PC or Mac

It’s not so much a question of which operating system or hardware I prefer; the actual monitor, keyboard, and mouse that I use for either are mostly interchangeable and therefore not of real consequence.

The question now is: what do I want to accomplish in this session?

As to surfing the ‘net, I like using Internet Explorer by Microsoft and it would seem almost sacriligious to put IE on a Mac.  I haven’t tried the new Safari version 4 (still in beta as of this writing) but that may change my surfing preferences … we’ll see.

Most of my design applications are PC based, so graphics are done on the PC. I’m still investigating text editors for the Mac, and will reconsider XHTML, CSS, and PHP coding once I find an editor I like for the Mac.

XCode development is obviously done on the Mac and quite honestly, as I’m still learning my way around an Apple branded computer, I am still finding the Apple SDK package to be quite easy to work with and much more intuitive than some PC packages I have used.

PC or Mac?  I can’t decide, can you?


I was wandering about the Internet today catching up on various web sites and other interests when I came across a post in a forum by a gentleman describing himself as old. I find these posts interesting and refershing to some degree. The post itself is not too unheard of, nor were the replies recognizing that age is not always a chronological measure, but this thought came to mind:  

Age is relative, counting it is the key. Knowing I’m old means knowing I’m alive.