PC or Mac

It’s not so much a question of which operating system or hardware I prefer; the actual monitor, keyboard, and mouse that I use for either are mostly interchangeable and therefore not of real consequence.

The question now is: what do I want to accomplish in this session?

As to surfing the ‘net, I like using Internet Explorer by Microsoft and it would seem almost sacriligious to put IE on a Mac.  I haven’t tried the new Safari version 4 (still in beta as of this writing) but that may change my surfing preferences … we’ll see.

Most of my design applications are PC based, so graphics are done on the PC. I’m still investigating text editors for the Mac, and will reconsider XHTML, CSS, and PHP coding once I find an editor I like for the Mac.

XCode development is obviously done on the Mac and quite honestly, as I’m still learning my way around an Apple branded computer, I am still finding the Apple SDK package to be quite easy to work with and much more intuitive than some PC packages I have used.

PC or Mac?  I can’t decide, can you?


Mac or PC

I guess I will be sitting down to my work area from now on asking myself that question: Mac or PC?

The reason why: I just purchased and finished setting up a Mac mini.  It’s a cute little machine, a great little starter Mac.  This is my first Mac and so far I am quite impressed with everything they fit into the box, especially as small as the box is. I plugged in a standard USB keyboard, and a standard USB mouse, along with an analog 17 inch flat panel monitor and turned it on.

After following the prompts I connected to the Internet and then started poking around changing a few settings and making sure the time was correct and the timezone matched my own.  Most of the workings are fairly intuitive which I somewhat expected given how well I have adapted to my iPod Touch.  I was a little surprised when I found the update application program, ran it, and found 675MB of updates required.  I’m writing this post on my main PC as the mini Mac (my wife’s choice of words, and I like them, too) is still working away at installing the seven updates it found. I was thrilled that it connected via Wi-Fi and that I have a fairly decent high-speed Internet connection.

If you have both a PC and a Mac, leave a comment on which you like to blog with … I’d like to know.