I am JellyBeen! I am one of the founders of Design by JellyBeen, a group of web site managers, designers and forum administrators.

Design by JellyBeen works include: banners; eBay templates; eCommerce stores; and, general web graphics. We also install and maintain Internet forum software such as SMF and phpBB3, and offer administrations guidance and full moderation duties as requested or required.

Although this blog was started for the group it was being primarily filled with my own personal writings. We added the dbjb blog to allow the group to continue with the former basic premises of this blog; and, that being the case, the former JellyBeen About page now comfortably resides at the new group blog.

Project related writings and other updates wil be more likely found at the group blog as my writings here will continue to be an outlet for some of my various: ideasremarks; reviewsmusingsquotations; and, other notions.  Essentially whatever comes to mind that impels me to write.

“The release is in the writing; prose to free the mind and unfetter the soul.”

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