Flock of Tweets

A Flock of Tweets, I have no idea what to call them to be quite honest. To me, a flock of tweets, is what you get when your tweet reader fills with too many tweets of no consequence or interest to oneself because you were being polite and reciprocatingly following another twitter user. Although many people use twitter based literally on their “What are you doing?” catch phrase, I think there is a great deal more potential to twitter being used a a real-time communication tool. David Pogue of the New York Times makes great examples of this in my humble opinion. Although I was thinking of a different story he wrote, here is a more recent article regarding twitter.

I would also say I am a little picky about whom I follow on a continual basis. I like to read tweets that interest me and my interests are varied and tend to change as time passes. If I stop following a person on twitter it is typically for no other reason than my interests have changed. But, and I must stress this, I will also stop following a person on twitter if they are the author of a Flock of Tweets, because for the most part to me they are just simply flooding the timeline and consuming space I would much rather see used for tweets of relevance.

To each his own and may you always find a tweet to reply to.


Twit or Tweet

I’m not sure I understand this phenomenon known as Twitter. Sure, I have an account. Yes, I’ve made a few tweets, and I even have a few followers, but I am still mystified by its apparent popularity. I admit it is almost addictive.

I have visited the twitter.com web site and tried to follow the Everybody timeline just to realize there are many, too many people tweeting to try to follow anything I randomly pick.

I actually find it easier to follow the public timeline using twitterific from the iconfactory on my iPod Touch.  At least I feel I am keeping pace with the myriad of tweets being made. It may be a false sense of security that the small display is giving, but I actually prefer it to the main twitter web site.

Will I continue to follow along on twitter? Perhaps, it can be interesting trying to decipher some of the tweets and replies. I add tweets and replies myself from time to time, though admittedly not many, yet.

Do you tweet? or, do you feel like a twit?! Share a comment.