WordPress and LinkedIn

A nice little application at LinkedIn by WordPress has been added that will show your recent posts.

It’s simple to use, and easy to set up, taking well under a minute after logging into your LinkedIn account.

The are few settings to address.  The first is your WordPress blog address, which will then draw the title into your LinkedIn application window header; the second, choosing all recent posts, or only posts tagged with “LinkedIn”.  Be careful here, read below for my experiences.

This seems like a great idea, but there also seems to be some issues.  When testing the show posts option (using this actual post), changing settings to show all or only the tagged posts appears to be ignored after the application has been initialized on the LinkedIn account. It appears if you want to change the show posts option you also have to change to another valid WordPress blog URL, then change back to your preferred WordPress blog URL.

I still think this is a nice little application at LinkedIn, but I am also thinking they might want to consider appending beta to it.