Chess with Friends

Review: Chess with Friends (an iPod app)

To me, this is one of the best iPod applications I have used so far.  I use it on my iPod Touch, and imagine there would be even more functionality available with an iPhone. If you like Chess, then this is truly a program to look into using.

Chess with Friends by Newtoy Inc. is essentially a modernized version of the old idea of “Chess by mail” (read: snail-mail, email, etc.) The benefit, and the near addictiveness, of this application is that it is always in your hand and only a tap or two away. For me, the pace of the games are near perfect, although I must admit, I will often check several times before my “random” opponent moves, but that adds to the excitement of the game.

Yes, I said excitement, but then again I feel like a Chess geek at times. Play it, you will enjoy yourself. Choose someone from your iPhone / iPod Touch contact list; or, choose a random opponent.

I’ve seen completely unexpected successes with the games I have played, the one downfall is there currently is no re-match feature. The developers do have plans for one, as they stated in a reply back (very quickly, I might add) to a feedback email I sent them. This application, and its developers, are something I will definitely follow.

For my past opponents: Darrell, Jay59, Umpuck, Vail67, Jamn, gekko, and Kratos69 – rematches are in order.

Have you tried Chess with Friends? What did you think? Comment with your comparisons.