WordPress 2.7 Dashboard … soon?

This definitely has us interested. We are looking forward to the new features that 2.7 will be bringing.  Of course there may be a learning curve or at least some getting used to the new layout, but it looks to be well thought out with new ideas designed to get people writing quicker with less “mouse-time”.

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Windows Live Writer

A first look impression …

This is being written in “Windows Live Writer” (Writer).  A bit of a trial, rather than writing at our blog directly, I am giving this a test run.  Writer is a free download from Microsoft.

Writer hooks into the Internet Explorer toolbar for an easy “Blog This” icon to click when reading something that interests you.

Adding your weblog is made simple by using an easy to follow wizard.  You can add several weblogs to Writer; and, change between them with just a few clicks of your mouse.

The interface does a decent job of matching your blog style and automatically changes the look of your draft if you change to another blog mid-way through writing to another blog.

You can easily save drafts of new posts for review or publishing later. I can see this as a great benefit to mobile blogging, especially when there is no functional means of immediately publishing.  This would also benefit those individuals using dial-up access to the Internet.

The built-in dynamic spell checker is quite nice and as intuitive and any other standard type of spell checking function.

The default “Save Draft” function works very well. It gives an entry in the right menu panel to easily pick from in a future writing session.

The “Post Draft to Weblog” function is quick and very smooth, leaving your draft written in Writer ready to be edited on your blog. Writer nicely updates your existing draft if you use the Post Draft to Weblog function again.

There is a little awkwardness when using the “Post Draft and Edit Online” giving what could easily become an annoying message about secure content issues.

The “Publish to Weblog” function is very smooth and cleans up related drafts very well.

There are a lot more bells and whistles to be used with Writer.

In my humble opinion, this first look warrants at least a second, or third.