IE6 Is Still Out There

Sure, it is an older browser version but it is still being used by many people and organizations.  Do you worry about making sure your web designs and graphics appear correctly in this older browser iteration? Perhaps, perhaps not.  The choice is one of aesthetics and target viewing groups.

Personally I would much prefer to ignore it, but given recent review of server logs there are still a fair number of hits being made by people using Internet Explorer 6.  Of course the majority of Internet Explorer users have IE7 installed, with a small sampling of Internet Explorer 8 (beta) users starting to show up.

Although I have several computers at my disposal I went in search of an “IE6 emulator” to load onto either my primary computer or secondary computer. After several days, I quickly came to the conclusion I did not like any of the emulator solutions I was coming across.

Upon further searching and a bit more general approach I did come up with a solution that appears to work just fine, and believe it or not, it is a Microsoft solution, as in the application and concept are available from Microsoft!

Here are a set of simplified steps for a basic Internet Explorer 6 solution (There are more possibilities that can be found with the following links.):

  1. Download the Virtual PC 2007 via this link
  2. Download the Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) image via this link
  3. Install the Virtual PC 2007 (works with XP or Vista)
  4. Expand the VHD downloaded files
  5. Create a default virtual machine
  6. Point the new virtual machine to the expanded VHD file
  7. Start your new Virtual PC and open Internet Explorer 6
  8. Surf to the URL of your choice and enjoy your time machine.

Of course Microsoft still has to maintain their controlling nature, so there is an expiration date on these installations but fortunately they can be updated with new VHD files in the future.

This is just a basic overview, a more detailed explanation of each of the above steps would be an exhaustive entry in comparison to this one.


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