We Stopped

There we were, having an impromptu meeting, discussing the various happenings in and around our world.  Our small world that encompassed our immediate realm of influences, and the larger world in general that influences everyone in one way or another. Out of the conversations came a little phrase:

… it doesn’t take much to be nice, but it takes a concerted effort to be mean.

We stopped.

Then we put some thought into that, and came to the simple realization how easy it is, how really quite simple in fact, to help out another person or group.  Whether it be a simple cheering of their spirits, or making a surprise dinner party for friends, stopping to help a stranger lost in a crowd.  It might be a few moments or it may take more time, but it really isn’t much effort at all.

Whereas to be mean can take a great deal of effort.  Going out of ones way to be hurtful, and finding a way to make sure the individual or group will know they are the one being targeted.  That takes time, planning, intent purpose, personal sacrifice; I imagine more, too

… and then it came to us immediately afterwards: Why bother?


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