People seem the most blind when they look inside themselves. It’s not easy being self critical, and actually gaining anything from it. Constructive self criticism is the Holy Grail of self help, and much like the Holy Grail an illusive goal to achieve.

I often write a phrase, or a sentence, or a paragraph. Then I almost invariably rewrite it; I often rewrite it again; and, not uncommonly I will rewrite it once more … or several times more.  I’ve already lost count of the amount of times I have rewrote the last sentence, all my typical typos aside.  I imagine it was fine some three or four revisions ago, but that is just one example of being blind to my own workings.

The release is in the writing; prose to free the mind and unfetter the soul.

Of course, this phrase just seemed to pop right out of thin air. Fortunately I was able to write it down without edit or thought of change, and it remains because some times you just have to take a chance that your subconscience knows what you are doing and your conscience mind should just stay clear of the matter.


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