Take Ownership

Seems like a simple idea to me, take ownership. Take ownership of your actions. Take ownership of your words; your writing; your speech. Take ownership of your life. I mean be responsible for what you do and how you do it, and more importantly be prepared to acknowledge and, if necessary, defend your position.

For example, as a forum administrator I accept the responsibilities that are required to insure the forums I manage run smoothly. I do not hide in the shadows. I do not ignore questions. I make every effort to not appear capricious or cavalier about what I do.  If there are concerns or questions from members, I address them appropriately. I take ownership of the responsibility involved in my actions.

Even as I write this post, I am preparing for any comments, whether they are made or not. Do I take on the role of agent provocateur, no. I may take the position of devil’s advocate, as I see it, but I am not looking to incite anyone or any group. My greatest hope is to have people think for themselves and take ownership of their thoughts; believe in what they say and do; and, be prepared to stand up for, or explain, or discuss, these dialogues and deeds. To take ownership.


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