Their They’re There

Different words sounding the same, spelled differently, and having different meanings.  Homonyms by definition. How often people confuse one word with the other, one meaning with the next, and then not understand why they could not get their point across.

Not that I am pointing out an issue with education, which I feel this is. This is not necessarily an issue with an individuals education but more likely an issue with the school system the person graduated from.

How often have you read there, when the correct word is they’re.  When a person is denoting ownership, it is not there’s but theirs.

What I am getting to here is the importance of understanding an individual and communicating in terms that are understood by all parties involved. Their, they’re, there; these three simple words can be found misused in many places where everyday people write to communicate, such as forums, and blogs, and emails, etc. These really are simple to correct, but what about those words or phrases that one person believes to mean one thing, yet another person believes it to mean another.

Write, or speak, in clear terms; never assume you are using words that the reader, or listener, will take for the meaning you intend. When you write, keep in mind that a word or phrase can carry a connotative meaning, a meaning that people believe to be correct (but not necessarily correct); and, when you speak with another person, take care to make sure they understand what you are saying in terms they can relate to.

And so we begin …


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